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    Fallback price question

    Hi, I've been using TSM for various things for a while and find it amazing so far so many thanks to those responsible. One problem I'm having however is that when my competition posts above my fallback price, the addon seeks to undercut their price by my set amount even if this would post the item above my fallback. Basically I'm asking if there's a way to have it simply post at my fallback if this is the case? Thanks in advance.

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    Under the fallback price box should be a slider which says "Maximum price". Setting this to 100% should mean the maximum it will post at is your fallback price.
    If you set it to 110% then the maximum it will post at is 110% of your fallback price, etc.

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    If you have "hide advanced options" checked, the maximum price slider won't be shown. This setting is found in the top options page of the Auctioning options.

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