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    BUG? Category -> Group -> Tradeskill inheritance

    summary: regardless of crafting cost, TSM tries to sell all items in a particular group at the same min/max cost, even if their fallback and threshold values are set as a % of crafting cost.

    let's say i have a category called "cut gems" which contains the groups "blue gems" and "purple gems". the "blue gems" group contains all uncommon gem cuts, and the "purple gems" group all rare cuts (as individual gems dragged from my inventory or as tradeskills ticked and exported using the "export crafts" dialog).

    I now set the Price Threshold in the "cut gems" category to (say) 100% of Crafting Cost, and the Maximum Price Fallback to (say) 200% of Crafting cost. this means i don't want to sell a gem for less than what it cost to make, or more than twice that (again, just for example).

    If i check the category overrides in the two groups under "cut gems", i see that they seem to have inherited the settings from the parent category, which is what i want.

    however, when i go to the auction house, it all goes horribly wrong

    TSM tries to sell *all* the gems in a particular group at the same min/max cost regardless of their actual crafting cost. i think it's taking the crafting cost of the first gem in the group and applying it to the others, but i haven't verified this.

    this seems like a bug to me. is it? or am i doing something wrong.


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    Working as intended AFAIK. You'll want to either want to export all the gems to individual groups, and add them all to cut gems, so the prices populate correctly, or, add them to a single grouping of the base gem type, ie, "cut cardinal ruby" for example to sell those cuts. The latter is probably cleaner.

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    ouch. okay, i was hoping to avoid having to do that. the reason being, i'll end up with about 500 different groups containing one item only (across all alts and all tradeskills).

    is there any chance the devs might consider revising the behaviour of groups so that they can handle a % cost condition override in the manner i describe above? surely they can be given enough smarts to base costs off individual crafting expenses rather than one (effectively randomly chosen at that) item's costs.


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    The point of a group is that it contains items that have the same exact settings. This includes price range. So, if items have different crafting costs, they will have different price ranges and should go in separate groups. It's fairly easy to setup individual groups and put them into categories using the "Create Auctioning Group" button in Crafting and there's nothing wrong with having a lot of groups. You can collapse the categories to clean up the interface so it's easier to find the group you are looking for in the Auctioning options.

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