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    The window's stuck partially offscreen

    Cool addon, but a huge downside to this over apm is that I can't see my professions window to see what the minimum for an item should be. Basically while moving the tsm config window around I got it stuck in a corner where I can't get to the top to move it around, and resizing wow has thus far not worked to get it back into view. I've deleted savedvariables and the tsm folders but somehow it keeps all the setting still and the window is still in the corner (plus the few groups I was able to make are still there). Where the hell is this thing keeping its info? Also, is there some reset button I'm missing that'll set the config window back to normal? I'm still going to move it around since not seeing my profession window isn't an option, but probably off to the left this time.

    EDIT - Got it to reset, love the fact that it automatically adds whatever I name the group btw.
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