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    Did 4.1 Break TSM or is my computer bugging out

    I know the patches usually break add-ons, just wanted to make sure I'm not the only one.

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    seems to have broken it for me, it wont let me post auctions

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    Doesn't seem to scan for me, including that part of posting/cancelling that requires a scan.

    Then again, they're restarting my realm, so this may be a server issue, not an addon issue.

    Surprised how many addons broke with this patch.

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    Mine doesn't show up on the AH at all, neither does Auctioneer. I have just the standard AH frame, which is killing me right now haha. All of my add-ons do not work after the patch. Not a single one, so I'm waiting for updates. Glad to know it isn't just me.

    My server is restarting right now, I'm hoping some work afterwards. I'll update.

    Update: Still nothing.
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    All the addons not working usually means you forgot to turn "load out of date addons" back on. Almost every patch resets that to off.

    And the restart didn't help my issues either.

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    I'm an idiot. I forgot all about that setting. Thanks Eric. Loaded it up and now can view it but I'm having the same problem as you. Can't scan.

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    Closing the AH window and re-doing the previous action seems to work

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    As posted in the other thread about the weird bug. Removing everything from the mailbox allowed me to make posts.

    I noticed my groups may have been reset - so this might of been the problem.
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    I am also having problems. Currently in the process of trying to empty my mailbox... :P

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    TSM's working fine for me.



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