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    TSM Configuration got lost frequently.

    Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have been lurking here reading a lot recently. And finally i am convinced that TradeSkillMaster is the addon i need to handle inscription. I have been working on the configuration the last couple days. It's really amazing. Just want to give a big thank you to the authors of the great addon and those guides.

    The one problem torturing me is that i keep losing my profiles. I know that happens when the program is terminated forcefully, which, sadly, is unavoidable in my particular case. The network here is unstable and sometimes i would lose connection for a short while and I have to Alt+F4 it.

    So my question is, is it possible to make a backup of the profiles? And how?

    I did make a copy of the \wtf\acount\ directory and unzip it to replace the "demaged" one. But I can't find any crafting and posting profiles other than "default". I guess i am not doing it in the right way.

    Would you help me with it? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    If you alt-f4 out of wow, any changes you made that session will not be saved. However, your settings files don't necessarily get corrupted. If you are doing a backup / restore of your saved variables files, make sure that wow is completely closed first. All the profiles are saved in the same file.

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    Thanks a lot Sapu. I'm going to look at the variables files again and may a copy of it.



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