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    Cancel Groups

    Is there a way to run the cancel search on specific groups only?

    Let me present to you a scenario.

    I have a group for gems. Generally gems are high volume items. If someone posts one or two gems for a lower price than my current auctions, I'm not really worried. Because of the high volume, buyers will get to my auctions pretty soon. Plus, the AH deposit fee is pretty hefty for gems. Thus, I don't want to undercut gems all too often.

    Now, I also have a group for glyphs. Glyphs are low volume items, and competitors are plentiful. I want to undercut every chance I get.

    So when I run a cancel scan, it would be nice to tell it before hand what groups I want the cancel scan to go through. Maybe I want to check for undercuts on all my groups, or just check for undercuts on my glyph group.

    Is there a way I can achieve this?

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    There isn't any way to do this task specifically but a work around that would end in the same result would be to temporarily check the "Don't Automatically Cancel Auctions" box in the group settings before running a cancel scan for groups you didn't want to scan (assuming you have "Smart Scanning" checked in the top "Options" page).

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    Ah, okay. I'll check that out. Thanks.



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