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    Question (or suggestions)

    Hello I have started to use TSM and find it great , however I have some interrogation/questions

    - When I am in the crafting window (in this case enchanting) I can see the profit when there is some enchants I can do that are already sold by other people in the AH, and the other enchants that are not available just display "---"
    So If I have done/post some enchant without competition I have to manually scroll the list looking for the red numbers, this is a bit troublesome

    Question : would it be possible to group the items that are not in the 0/0/0/0 state ?
    It would also be nice to have the line with "---" at the end (or at leas be able to choose where to put them)

    - Is there a possibility to force the addon to use the fallback value for posting when the competition is above this value ?

    - Is there a possibility to prevent the crafting module of using what is stored in bank or alts and therefore schedule to buy the mats if they are not presents in my bags ? (I do keep a personal stock and it wants to craft from it )

    many thanks

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    In v0.2.7 of Crafting you can change which column the queuing part of the craft management window gets sorted by.

    Auctioning will post at your fallback price if there are no auctions on the AH priced below your maximum price.

    If you don't want to use mats from your alts simply uncheck them from the dropdown in the crafting options.

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    Adding Item's to groups issue!

    I have been having a problem when adding items to my groups whether it be for auctioning or auto-mailing, the list only shows me 4 items at a time at the top of the section. I have occasionally seen the full list but when I do after 1 time adding what i see it reverts back to just being able to see the top 4 items making it very difficult to add multiple items to a group. It took me forever to add all glyphs into a group as an example.

    Wasn't sure if this was known about and not sure I am posting in the correct area.

    Loving the addon, new user hadn't even used APM prior to this.

    Twisting Nether



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