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    TSM Crafting Ticket 207 - Separate blackmithing and smelting

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    To separate blackmithing items and smelting items. For example, elementium bar is made by a miner with smelting window, not a BS. They are technically two different professions with smelting being a subset of mining. If you have mining and blacksmithing on 2 different toons. It make the smelting items unable to be crafted with TSM since it wants to open the BS window but it can't find one. It also messes up gathering in that it sends smelting items to your BS when they should be sent to the miner.

    Not sure what you mean...Elementium bar isn't a craft in BS...and smelting isn't supported by TSM at all currently. Sapu94

    So I opened this ticket on curseforge but it was closed because I didn't reply, sorry! I figured it would be easier to discuss it here.

    Yes, elementium bar (or any other bar) is not a BS item. However, under the TSM BS crafts page, under the "other" category. All of the bars are listed and TSM treats them as if they are a BS crafted item. So what happens is that if ore is cheaper to purchase than bars, then shopping will have me buying ores. Which is fine and preferred actually because the overall cost is cheaper to craft the item. But it's not working with gathering, and it never will, because this is what happens. I will set gathering to gather blacksmithing mats to send to my blacksmith. But what it will do is send all the mats to my blacksmith, including the raw ore. Raw ore is useless to a BS unless he can smelt it into bars. So if the BS is not also a miner, gathering is sending the wrong mats to the wrong toon. Bars are not a BS item, but TSM is treating them as if they are.

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    Hmm....well I'm not sure why bars are showing up in the BS section of Crafting then. I personally don't have a BS so can't test it myself but it's not intentional.

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