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    Cancel Auctions don't work

    I thought canceling underbidden auctions works alright coz tsm find items and these items were in my mailbox after 'cancel'. Until now. I posted some Gem's but afer the Posting runned through there was 1 Purifield Demonseye remaining in my pocket (and other things but thats alright i guess I though that my evil competitors set their price of her Purifield Demonseyes so low that my threshold was undercut and so tsm will not auction this gem until the market price is back to normal (I set that in the Options).
    I was curious how low the price is, and refreshed the view in the auction house für this gem. The price was below my 20g mark and tsm did correct in not-posting.
    So, here it comes. I saw that there was 1 of my own Gem's between the two price levels (cheapest/most expensive) and i clicked 'cancel' to cancel this auction but it don't work for this gem. I tried everything: /rl and a complete restart of wow. The damn gem is still there. Here i made some screenshots: (meanwhile i lootet my mailbox and there were some Purified Demoeyes im it. As u can see tsm underbid the other competitors correctly. Only the damn cancel will not work
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    I'm not really sure what screen shots 2-6 are showing...but please take some SS of your options for the gem.

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    calla's Avatar < Did a 'cancel' and then a refresh of all Purifield Demonseye's. As you can see, the marked Gem is still in the list, although the gem (auction) has been undercut by Kapu and Nandreses.

    With SS u mean screenshot right? The item has somehow disappeared but i will think of it next time when something like this happens.
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