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    TSM posting oddity.

    I looked and didn't see anyone else comment on this.

    For some reason, when posting multiple stacks of something, TSM likes to take a little bit off of every full stack before it starts focusing on a single stack to deplete. For example, on my inscriptionist, I have probably 10 stacks of 20 blackfallow ink. If I post 10 auctions of 3 ink, I wind up with 10 stacks of 17 ink left in my inventory.

    If I post 15 starting with the same stacks, I wind up with 9 stacks of 17 ink and one stack of 2. So once all the maxed stacks are no longer maxed, it works like I'd expect it to.

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    As a sort of "side-effect" of being able to post insanely quickly with the scroll wheel, it's a bit tricky to figure out which stack it should take an item from to post it because if you post a bunch of stacks in the same split second with a scroll of the scroll wheel, none of the stacks of that item will yet be removed from the bags by the end of said split second. But, when the server catches up and actually goes to process the posts, each post better have been on a different stack or else it won't work. I'm not quite sure why it's treating non-full stacks differently (just went through the code to see if I could find a reason and didn't find one).

    Basically, it works as it is and I'm scared to change it and potentially break it . I know that's probably not a good here's a better one. It's not at the top of the TODO list but eventually will be dealt with and improved. Hope that is satisfactory for now. Thanks for asking though. It's now significantly higher on the TODO list because I'm thinking about it.

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    Interesting. I'll take a look at it myself out of idle curiosity (I'm a programmer, but haven't done any addons myself yet).



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