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    finding bugs with alpha versions?

    So what is the preferred procedure when I find a bug with one of the alpha versions? For example, the new deal finder list and configuration in shopping in r176, Which is really nice BTW! However, it no longer finds deals for me. I have heavenly shard set at 20g price alert. If I do a manual search , many are found under 20g but doing the deal finder search it shows "no items found". Which is obviously not correct. So my question is, is this form the proper place to bring these things to attention? Would you prefer an official ticket on curseforge? Or any other method? I've never been a beta or alpha tester before for any software and I don't know jack about programming, but I am using the thing every day, with the latest alpha versions and coming across bugs and whatnot. I would like to help ot because this addon is seriously the single best addon in all of wow IMO.

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    The IRC chan is probably the best place for bugs with alpha versions (and bugs in general) so that I can get any additional info I may need from you on the spot. Often with alpha versions there are known bugs (such as with the new feature in latest gathering alpha versions) but popping in and let me know / asking if it's known would definitely be appreciated.


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