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    Arrow Quick, probably simple question and a suggestion?

    If I want to copy TSM completely from one computer to another(including groups/crafting options/etc) then what are all the files I need to move?

    I first tried it out on my laptop and got the basics set up, then copied the add-on folders over to my desktop to set it up for good. It didn't copy the groups and everything else of course, so I set everything up and have been adding onto/refining those since. Now I wanna move those back to the laptop so I can catch up on crafting while not at home.

    As far as the suggestion, I would like to see a way that you can set up an Auctioning group for a crafting section, and then any new craft you may learn in that group automatically gets adds to the corresponding auction group. This would be handy for learning JC cuts and Inscription research.

    Oh, just thought of another little question. I know you can set up an override for restock quantity on a profession, but can you do it for a subsection of that? I like to restock up to 3 of each cut rare gem, but only 2 of every meta. Up until now I've edited the max restock on each meta individually as I learn them.

    Thanks a ton, love the add-on. It's done exactly as intended, streamlined my crafting generating more profit than before.

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    World of Wacraft/WTF/Account/ACCNAME/SavedVariables/

    Most addons store their settings in that folder. TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning.lua is the file you want for Auctioning groups. If you want your desktop and laptop to have the exact same settings for all addons, game settings, keybindings, should copy your entire WTF folder (and Addons folder if you want all the same addons).

    As far as your auto-grouping suggestion, that's definitely a good idea and something that have on the long-term TODO list.

    Yea you can only set it globally (in the Crafting Options), by profession, and by individual item as you mentioned. There will be some significant changes to the whole group system in Crafting in the somewhat-near future (including being able to make custom Crafting groups / move items between groups) and once those are in place, adding group overrides could definitely be done relatively easily.

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