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    Problem finding groups

    Can't find my groups
    I spent hours making various groups - glyphs, enchants, gems, etc. and now I can't find any of them. Yet, I can still post my glyphs, etc. Am I out of date? Do I need to start from scratch, etc? Can you please help me?

    Thanks much

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    Try reloading your UI and check your profiles page to see if you maybe are set to a different profile than you want to be set to. If not, hop onto the IRC ('ll be able to help you better through chat than through forum posts.
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    Thanks Sapu! I'll try those suggestions and then jump into IRC if that doesn't solve it

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    This happened to me yesterday when I was messing about with profiles. I reset it to the one I knew had all the groups in but they didn't appear.

    I found that when I tried to create a new one / recreate an existing group all the old ones reappeared. Not sure this is exactly the circumstances you are experiencing but could be something else to try?

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    sounds good! thank you too era



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