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    Possible Restock Bug or User error?

    Recently, I did a mass restock of all my missing glyphs (have all recipes). AH was empty and no glyphs in mailboxes. I am 100% sure I had all the mats on me to restock one of every missing glyph (maybe 100 glyphs -- shopping list all green). Yet, six glyph recipes didn't queue for crafting:

    Glyph of Immolation
    Glyph of Light of Dawn
    Glyph of Sprint
    Glyph of Feign Death
    Glyph of Fan of Knives
    Glyph of Death Coil (DK)

    Anybody else get this type of behavior? Just wondering if a beta hiccup or if I'm doing it wrong.

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    Do you have those crafts enabled? Did you possibly have them on the AH recently and maybe they sold but you hadn't visited the AH since then so datastore / gathering (whichever you use) thought they were still on the AH?

    It's really hard to tell exactly what went wrong without a way to consistently reproduce it but I can tell you that outside of intermediate crafts (of which inscription doesn't suffer), there have been no non-user-error bugs with the queuing system that I've heard of that would explain this.

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    Well, I retried restocking my glyphs, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to get Glyph of Vendetta to queue for crafting:

    - I had the mats
    - I had visited the AH to update Gathering
    - Mailbox empty
    - Tried UI Reload
    - No LUA error
    - Glyph of Vendetta craft enabled
    - No overrides or custom settings

    I will open a ticket. I suppose I could try datastore, but I don't want altoholic if I don't have to.



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