Wordy Introduction
TSM would certainly not be this far without the incredible amount of help provided by the many dozen community members who have volunteered some of their time doing anything from alpha testing to translating to simply giving feedback. All these things have certainly helped immensely in the progression of this project.

So I know you might be thinking "Sapu, I really like TSM but I don't think I can devote enough time to help out." Just by reading this message you have shown that you are invested in the project and that is a huge first step right there. I (and Cente although he's been sort of absent lately dealing with RL things) really strive to keep in touch with the users of TSM and get as much feedback as possible. We want people to feel invested in TSM and feel like they can make a suggestion that will effect the AH experience of every one of TSM's tens of thousands of users. Trying not to sound too cheezy, the direction of TSM's progression is really guided by the community; my job is just to convert all the crazy suggestions into a functioning addon. So first off, thank you to all that have helped already including everybody here at The Consortium!

Ok! What do you want?
We are looking for anything from people who post in the threads in this forum with questions / comments / suggestions to full fledged developers. Our official list of "jobs" is here. Below summarizes the things on that list as well as other ways people can help out.

  • Developer - Mine as well start out at the top. See the official link for what exactly we are looking for here. But, the main criteria is that you really want to help with development and have a passion for coding. This is a pretty big commitment and requires you to be very self-motivated.
  • Translator - This requires as much or as little time as you'd like and is an extremely simple process. All localization is handled through our curseforge pages...all you need is a curse account.
  • IRC Helpers - Are you a TSM expert? Want to help others understand and use TSM? We need people who are willing to join the IRC and help answer questions!
  • Official Tester - This position will involve you testing out new features of TSM and essentially trying to break them. You will also be trying to reproduce / verify issues that others are having as well as providing clear and concise tickets through curseforge regarding any bugs you find.
  • General Fan - If you have read this far, you're already signed up for this position . Continue to stay involved through this forum; posting suggestions, commenting on other's suggestions (including mine), and helping others out with any issues they might be having. And most importantly, continue to enjoy the addon.

None of these positions are set in stone and neither is your commitment to help out. For example, if you are a translator, there is no obligation to translate every single phrase in every single module. Spending 20 doing a dozen or so phrases is certainly not overlooked. This is a completely voluntary project for all involved (including myself ) but I am really excited to see how far this project has come so far and the enormous amount of growth that still lies ahead.