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    Shopping - Crafted Items Request

    I've been having a small issue with the Shopping module, but I believe that adding this featured would not only resolve the issue, but add additional functionality to the module.

    Suggestion: Add a "rescan" button/option to the crafted items list. Right now, the only 2 options are to skip the selected item, or exit automatic mode. On a number of occasions, the module has failed to accurately pick up items on my list (it shows none available, but there are definitely auctions up) and both skipping to the next item or exiting and starting over again aren't ideal options. Especially since it will start from the top and ignore all of the stuff I have just purchased (this might be me doing something wrong with the gathering/altoholic settings, but not the point, entirely).

    On top of that, I can think of other scenarios when I might like to do a "rescan". One example is with herbs. When buying herbs to mill, I usually purchase more than TSM suggests I need so that I don't hit by bad RNG, since there isn't really any feature within the TSM module, I manually purchase extra from the main AH window. This means that when I resume purchasing through TSM, the data is off and I have to skip through all of the ones I just purchased manually. If I could rescan, it would save me a lot of trouble.

    I could submit a log of the bug if you would like, but by adding a feature like this, I figured it was a "2 birds with 1 stone" scenario. Win/win/win (The Office, anyone?)

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    First off, see this thread:

    Adding a rescan wouldn't necessarily fix the "no more auctions found" issue and it would really be best to just fix that issue than put a band-aid on it. As far as buying extra, there will be options in the future for buying a % extra (especially for milling / prospecting).

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