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    Is this possible? If not, a suggestion!

    I use one account for crafting my glyphs and gems and another for posting them. Is there a way to link the accounts so that TSM_Crafting will read the items on one account and its auctions if I'm crafting no the other account?

    If this syncing isn't available yet, I feel it should be!

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    All saved addon data is stored under WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/..., so it is obvious, that different accounts have different paths to save addon-settings and stuff.
    But if both accounts would be online at the same time, an addon could sync ingame. I guess, TSM_Networking should fill this gap, but i dont know if it is usable yet.

    You could also try to find the saved data from TSM and copy it to the other accounts path, then edit it to fit the character names if needed.

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    I also have two accounts...account #1 has my scribe, account #2 has my 3 glyph posters. I'm oldschool and do all my crafting and parchment purchasing by hand. It's a bit slower but I've always felt it gives me a better idea of what actually sell over time.

    My informal solution to dealing with recrafting has been to have an account 1 alt share a guild with the the account 2 characters. When I'm looking to restock, I transfer the all account 2 glyphs into the guildbank and have the account 1 alt open up each tab to update altoholic. After that I can log the account 1 alt off and return the glyphs to the posters to repost.

    I then rely on the captured altoholic totals to recraft.
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    "Altoholic" records how many of each item you have on each alt/bank/guildbank/mailbox/ah, so if TSM utilizes "Altoholic" to surmise what to craft, it should be possible just by downloading "Altoholic" ..but I dont know.

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    What about using symlinks to point one account's WTF data files to the other account's in lieu of two separate, distinct text files? Of course doing this pretty much limits you to one account logged in at a time. I've thought about doing this several times, but I usually have both accounts logged in, so I have to AH scan twice as much.

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    TSM can use datastore (which comes with altoholic) for inventory data. Datastore can track multiple accounts so I'd recommend using datastore and setting up TSM to use datastore.

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