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    A couple of TSM questions

    First of all, let me just say...what I've managed to get TSM to do is amazing. I absolutely love it, and want to give my thanks to the developers and testers, and all involved in it's creation and refinement.

    I've got a couple of questions though...I've read the tutorial, but I usually look over it after a long day of work, and the ADD meds have worn answers to my questions may be in there. If they are, smack me around and point me there, please.

    A couple of bits and pieces to know.

    I'm running two accounts (mine, and my wifes.) Not sure if this is important.

    1) My account: BS, JC, Alch, and Eng
    2) Wife's account: Ench, Scribe, Tailoring

    1) I'll craft a batch of glyphs, and send them to my wife's banker. He'll list them, and go through the process. When I log back onto the scribe and open TSM, it doesn't show the glyphs I've listed...I would think they'd be in the alt or AH column. How do you know to craft a new glyph when one has been sold? I'd like to automate this as much as possible...avoid writing a list of sold glyphs and manually queueing them.

    2) On my account...I'll queue up some Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. I go to my banker to buy mats...and Elementium/Pyrite Ore are FAR more profitable choices than the finished bars...I have a miner to smelt, how can I tell TSM that I automatically want to buy the cheaper of the two? (bars are sometimes cheaper, so I don't want to just go for ore all the time.)

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    1) There might be an easier way but what i did was copy my saved variables files from my main account to my second account so TSM listed all my crafts and i was able to scan and set up the craft queue/restock queue based on what was on that second account.
    You can then either copy and paste it back or manually copy it.i.e. if you have both accounts open you can see what your second account queued and then match that on your first account.

    2) No idea, sorry.

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    1) If both your scribe and the banker posting them on the AH are the same account (they are both your wife's account, right?) then the information should show. Are you using two different computers also or anything else?

    2) I don't think it is possible unfortunately.



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