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    TSM crafting cost vs auctiondb/auctioneer minimum buyout value, and the AH

    anyone else have disconnects where TSM's crafting cost values are much lower than reality?

    I've tried with the auctioneer minimum buyout and with auction DB minimum buyout, did a getall with tsm, and a full slow scan with auctioneer for the test

    Here's an example

    Glyph of socourge strike requires 3 ethereal ink, the current price per ink listed in TSM using auction db minimum buyout is 10g80s, using auctioneer minimum buyout it shows 6g50s

    reality is the minimum buyout is 12g50s per ink! that's quite a bit off when you consider I need 3 ink, and I work off a 200 % make/list or skip crafting program

    am I doing something wrong? it's really messing up what I queue and the profit margin I list at

    it there some conversion data that's not being used? If you look at ink prices they are always way off from herb prices, the main two inks I have problems with, both are always short supply, lion's ink and ethereal ink

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    I may be wrong, but in the case of glyphs, what I believe is happening is that TSM uses the market value of the ink itself, as opposed to traversing through the various herbs to see what it would actually cost to mill/craft the ink. Basically, the crafting module assumes that you are going to be purchasing the ink directly to make the glyph. Obviously, nobody is going to mass-produce glyphs that way, but it seems like it would be extremely difficult to reproduce the "actual" market value of the ink. I suppose you would want to look at the market value for the herbs that produce each ink and then compare them to the market value of the pigments and then with the inks to determine which would be the cheapest route.

    What I normally do is set a maximum price per ink which I use when purchasing through the shopping module - 10g. (except ethereal ink, but that depends on the day...) Then, I restock all glyphs automatically, but then scroll down to manually add/remove any glyphs according to my 30g threshold per glyph.

    Hope that helps. I would love to see the value updated in TSM, but as you can see, it doesn't seem easy...
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    I believe in the Crafting section for your profession, there is a page where you can override the values TSM uses for all crafting materials. Under Crafting - Jewelcrafting the Materials option is in the list above Options.

    I set Ethereal Ink up from the ~6g TSM was suggested to 10g, and now it lists Ethereal Ink glyphs as ~30g to craft so uses that value to match against my profit threshold.

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    I also use the manual setting, not only for inks but for everything because prices may fluctuate on the AH but my buy price and therefore crafting price doesn't.

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    I've been doing that too, but it still messes up my sale prices because I use the % of crafted cost

    I may have to switch to setting gold values for each glyph type instead



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