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    Inaccurate figures when scanning the AH.

    Something i have noticed is when i do a scan of the AH for specific professions the figures it shows on the crafting window are usually way off the real price on the AH.e.g.
    Todays JC scan says Chaotic shadowspirit diamonds are listed at 189g but the lowest price is actually 110g. and there isn't even a gem posted anywhere near 189g so i have no idea where it's gaining that figure from?

    I have tried with both a regular scan and a get all scan and get the same results so is there a way i don't know about to get an accurate scan of the latest prices?

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    Where is your Crafting set to get pricing data from?

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    Just curious if this is the average price for all seen?
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    Ah! Looks like i didn't set it up correctly so it was showing average price rather than current price.

    I had it set to "Market Value" instead of "Minimum Buyout".
    Thanks for the help



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