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    Automatically buy parchments and take Inks out of my Bank

    Is there anyway to automatically buy all the parchments needed for the items in my queue and remove all the necessary inks from my bank (preferably removing a blackfallow for each ink that I'm missing from another one)?

    I read on the JMTC forums that there's supposed to be a button above the frame (at least for the parchments), but I don't see that anywhere.

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    Skillet had such a button for buying queued mats from a vendor. (I'm using GnomeWorks now, which alas does not have the button.)

    The BuyEmAll add-on makes it easy to buy large amounts of vendor mats. It's not automatic, but buying 382 parchments is only a couple mouse clicks (and 3 keystrokes).

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    If you're using Advanced TradeSkill Window (ATSW), there is a button, but unfortunately, ATSW doesn't play nice with ArkInventory, and so that button disappears if you're running both. As for grabbing stuff out of the bank - I'm not familiar with an add-on that does that, but I think it's a feature in development for Trade Skill Master (TSM).
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    ATSW used to work for me for buying vendor mats although it seemed to break for me so i converted to the BuyEmAll add-on which is awesome if your buying large quantities from a vendor.

    TSM does have a buy vendor mats button but i have only seen it work intermittently and then usually with some heavy lag so again i stopped bothering and simply stuck to using BuyEmAll.

    For the bank option i have never seen an addon which could do that and i would assume it would be quite complex to do, especially if you want it to choose a blackfallow for you to trade down.

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    Ahh. Gnomeworks has both of those features, but the items have to be in its queue (not TSMs queue).

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    i've been using gnomeworks, but i guess this is the wrong forum to try and convert people. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    The gathering module will be able to automatically grab stuff out of banks / guild banks and even automatically mail stuff from your banker to your crafter that's needed for a craft queue. This was in there during alpha but taken out for beta as it was sort of a side feature and was / is still very buggy....but it will likely be the next big feature to be released.

    As far as answering the original question about buying parchments...this is part of the Gathering module and will appear as a button on top of the vendor frame. The code behind this is nearly identical to the code for a similar button in APM (and QA3)...just give the server a second to process it all (don't spam the button ).
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    Aye, sound advice: DO NOT SPAM THE BUTTON. I'll have that tattooed on my forehead. It's not been once or twice I've purchased multiples of the materials for my impatience, both with GnomeWorks and TSM, as the darn game has taken it's time to think things over...

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    TSM does have the ability to do it, but I've noticed that the button disapears when there is another TSM window in the background. It seems they haven't fully worked out what elements of TSM should currently be in the foreground / background.

    tl;dr Make sure there's nothing behind your vendor window.

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    Ahh, I didn't install the Gathering because I'm using DataStore for my storage (and thus didn't want the gatherer as there would be twice the memory usage as it'd be storing everything twice, correct?). Is there any chance of having the buying parchments portion moved to another module?

    Edit: Installing the Gathering module did add the buy button that was missing, but does cause the data on what all my characters to have be stored twice (Once in DataStore and once in the Gathering module).
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