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    No prices on some items

    I have some items with no pricing info, while others do. The items in question used to have prices. When the db updates stopped for a couple of weeks in Jan 2018, I ran the manual price update. That's when items started to have no prices.

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    I'm having a similar issue where for some items AuctionDB info seems to be missing and it seems to be because of the new iLvL scaling. As an example; Elemental Raiment is a a blue transmog item that now scales with the level of whoever looted the item, TSM shows AuctionDB data for Elemental Raiments with the original 41 iLvL just fine, but somehow my 63 iLvL Elemental Raiment is not recognised. Screenshots:

    Is this the same for you? Anyone know of a work around for this?

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