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    Question about Sale Rate....

    And this might be something I've just missed somewhere, in which case shame me for my lack of appropriate GoogleFu.

    Is there a way to use a variable from TSM Accounting in price calculations? Specifically, I want to use either the Sale Rate variable or the Expired Since Last Sale number.

    My goal is to create a pricing method where if an item doesn't sell, then over time it's posted with a steeper discount until it does. For instance :

    Price = (Normal Price Calculation) * (.5+(Sale Rate/2))

    This would give a percentage discount that would go from 0 to 50% as the Sale Rate number got smaller. Obviously you could tweak the multipliers to change up the discount rate, including changing the .5 to a .6 to say "If it's selling every day mark up the price by 10% to find a new top out)

    Is this possible? Or would it fall under my wish list to put into the suggestion pile?

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    This isn't currently possible but has been suggested a number of times:



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