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    TSM is Hiring - Addon Developer

    EDIT: This position has been filled.

    The Role
    At TradeSkillMaster, we always strive to improve the products and services we offer. To that end, we are looking for a passionate addon developer to work on adding critical new functionality to our in-game addons which are used by hundreds of thousands of people. As a part of this role, you will be expected to work closely with other members of the team to implement high-quality features and improve the general stability of our addons. This role does involve compensation. We do not expect you to quit your day job or spend anywhere close to 40 hours a week on TSM.

    About You
    • A proven ability to work in established code bases as part of a team and self-motivation to constantly improve code quality and processes
    • Experience with TradeSkillMaster and a passion for improving it
    • Lua (and WoW addon) experience is a plus, but not required

    About Us
    The TradeSkillMaster team is a small group of gamers who love to learn new skills and constantly push the boundaries of what TradeSkillMaster can do for our users. What started as a small addon has grown into a suite of powerful addons, a desktop application, and an extensive set of web-based tools and resources. We are driven by self-improvement and creating a great set of products and services for our users, while working in an efficient, but laid-back environment.

    Ready to join us? Message me in Discord ( or send me an email ( Come prepared with a relevant example of your past work and any questions about the role you may have.
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