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    Way to track number of 'Cheapest auction below min price' per item?

    I have a question regarding failed auctions. I notice there is a 'Failed Auctions' tab in the Accounting section, but it only includes Expired and Cancelled. Is there a way I can see the number of times an item has failed to post due to 'Cheapest auction below min price.'?

    I'm at the point now where all of my hexweave bags are always full and I'm trying to clear out the items that just don't move. I'm unable to tell which items have failed to post due to due to 'below min price' for an extended period of time. If I have an item that has been sitting in my bags for a month that has not posted (due to 'below min price'), it won't show up as a cancelled or expire. It be great not know so I can move it to the 'Clearance' group and get rid of it.

    I'm beginning to feel like someone on an episode of 'Hoarders' and it's really time to begin clearing out the trash.

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    No that's not possible.

    I'd personally never use 'don't post', it won't sell if it's not listed.

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    I use "dont post below min" as a filter occasionally, to double check and tweak my pricing formulas. Generally I just ignore below min, most items will always sell at the higher price or you'll help reset the undercutting war to a higher value that's actually profitable.

    If something really isn't worth selling, it's time to vendor or DE it.



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