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    Talking TSM 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

    The time to celebrate has come! As of January 15th, TSM is 5 years old! To celebrate the occasion, we set out to do a variety of things to do this week. First and foremost, TSM premium is discounted during the anniversary week, so if you’ve been doubting whether or not to try it, now is the perfect time!

    Let’s take the party elsewhere as well! We all use TSM in our own way, and we all enjoy different aspects of TSM. Tweet about your favorite TSM experience with the hashtag #TSMAnniversary on twitter. While you're there, be sure to follow @TSMAddon! Do both of these and you might be one of 5 daily winners of a free month of TSM premium!

    To top things off, we’ll be giving away 3 pets and 1 mount at the end of the week. To join this giveaway, all you need to do is actively use the TSM Desktop Application within the anniversary week. We'll contact winners at the end of the week via their TSM account's email.

    TSM has come a long way during the past 5 years and has a bright future ahead of it. We’re looking forward to celebrating this awesome milestone with all of you.

    The anniversary week runs from the time this post went up to 11:59PM PST on January 21st.
    Some rewards are not available for regions other than EU and US.
    The Warforged Nightmare mount is excluded from the mount giveaway.
    If you won a free month of TSM premium, you'll have a message on twitter.
    If you won a pet or mount, we will e-mail you at the e-mail address associated with your TSM Account.
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    In my opinion the best AH, and in general the most friendliest, interactive and helpful WoW communities out there. Cheers.

    I hope this will carry on for a long time.
    Live to win.

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    A big thank you to all involved on TSM and here is hoping for another 5 years minimum of TSM.

    This is my number one addon for wow and without this I would not have done much of what I have managed to do, mounts, pets, xmogs and lots of QoL.

    Well done TSM team

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    I would be so lost without TSM, so a huge thank you to the people who make this awesome addon possible.

    A very happy birthday TSM!
    The Shaman Formerly Known As "Shamacazzy"

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    Congrats! Best software out there.

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    all of you deserve much more for creating the most useful add on allowing to get the more important resource in a historical video game

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    Smile Re: TSM 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

    Happy 5th! Although I have lurked here for a long while, I only recently took the plunge with the add-on and desktop application. It was always intimidating to me because of how much up-front work I believed it required before I could actually begin using it. (Shout-out to HazelNuttyGames on YouTube for her TSM guides!) It was actually less than that and has essentially already paid for itself two weeks later. Cheers to you and the community!



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