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    So, just curious if I've missed this somewhere. Sniper finds things that are cheap, yes, but things that never sell. I always look at how many of the things actually sell in the region and on my server before buying (been burned a few times). If it is something that sells less than a few a day, I don't buy it. Can the Sniper be configured to do this too?

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    No it cannot, that's more to do with you knowing what you're buying and not just buying what it shows you.

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    on a sidenote, I really think you give up on millions of golds on the long run with that rule, because the items that sells "more than once" a day are usually mats and low priced item, items that you don't get a decent margin on, so instead of having a valuable stock that grants you gold daily for just relisting, you're looking to have a stock that will require you to work a lot to maintain, for a rather low daily profit.

    I would snatch anything that is low priced and that has a decent profit potential (check min prices too).
    if you want gold you must have dedication, and once you got that, you'll get less likely to get burned if you maximize your profit/work done ratio.

    then you're free to play as you prefer :P



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