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    Filtering out transferd gold fron Gold Summary page

    I recently moved a lot of gold onto one toon, with the cap being raised, so i could buy the gold sink mount and pet. This shows up as income and my gold history graph is skewed as at one point it sees my total gold nearly double - as if it is held by two people at the same time.

    Is there a way of stopping transferred gold from shoring up like this?

    I've set my graph to look at the last three days, and over time the anomaly with shift out of view in longer term views, and I know the stats don't really matter / were never 100 accurate. But having gone from 3 mill liquid, to 200K plus inventory (fortunately over 2 mill but currently slow to move) I'd like a reasonably accurate chart to look at to gain comfort that I'm progressing back to where i want my liquid gold to sit.

    Can anyone help end my paranoia?


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    You can do that in the Accounting options.

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    Thanks - it's always something simple



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