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    Question Shopping - Crafting Search Mode - Group Search

    Hello! This is my first post - the forum has been amazingly helpful, thank you all. I've got a question I couldn't resolve by searching around.

    TradeSkillMaster: TSM Version Info:
    TradeSkillMaster v3.4.29
    Accounting v3.0.16
    AppHelper v3.0.1
    AuctionDB v3.1.12
    Auctioning v3.0.12
    Crafting v3.1.11
    Destroying v3.1.3
    Mailing v3.0.12
    Shopping v3.3.7
    Vendoring v3.0.3
    Warehousing v3.0.3

    Searched the forums, wasn't able to find an answer.

    My question:

    Is a "Crafting" search mode of a group possible?

    To explain:

    When searching any of my groups, the Shopping function will do a "Normal" search, which will search for the items by exact name.

    When using "Gather" to search for materials, the "Buy Items" shopping command will do a "Crafting" search, which will search for all items that can be destroyed into the required materials.

    I can alternate between "Normal" and "Crafting" search modes when searching for individual items by typing into the search field.

    I would like to be able to do a "Crafting" search of my groups outside of "Gather". (No gather group I can queue can mirror the versatility and exactness of my tailored groups.) However, regardless of the search mode I have selected, doing a group search will automatically search under "Normal."

    Thank you all in advance for any help!
    Last edited by tekrul; August 17th, 2016 at 03:39 PM. Reason: Typo. Added TSM version info.

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    Hey, Tekrul!

    Did you find an answer to your question? Can you use Crafting search for Shopping groups?


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