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    Smile TSM dont have access to my other Chars on second account, synced with Altoholic?

    Hi there,

    I using two accounts, both are synced with Altoholic.

    I installed TSM and all addons on both accounts.

    Then I choose on account1 "Datastore" as data input.

    Now I can select my characters, but only the characters on the wow account1.
    I miss the chars on wow account2.

    So I cant see how much items I have in stock.

    Is this not supported with TSM?

    Acc1 is for crafting, Acc2 for selling the items. And I cant craft if I dont "know" how much Items I have at all.

    Thanks for help

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    I have the same problem and its one they know about not sure if/when they will get it to work all i can say is make a ticket on curse, more that do it the better chance of them adding it

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    Hi There,

    hm I dont found a Ticket relatet to multiple accounts...

    anyway...I logget into and try to open a new ticket...but...can somebody told me how? I dont find anything like a button "new ticket"?

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    This was added recently to Crafting so grab the latest version and give it a shot.

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