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    @Sterling, looks like the troll filter failed.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by nirvactually View Post
    This was such an extremely useful addon being able to just type /ac and equip all xmog gear in your bags that you needed. Is there any other addon like it since it's clear this one is dead?
    Please redownload and try the updated version, it *should* work now.

    Dropbox changed the URLs for public files, this is the current one:

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    Thank you again Sezz

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    Hey, it's working again! Thank you so much! I love this addon.

    Is there any particular reason why you don't publish this on Curse?

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    Woo hoo! This addon is extremely useful. Thank you for updating it.

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    Thanks again for this fantastic transmog addon. I see two problems in the latest version.

    1. After typing /ac and scrolling to equip gear I'm missing, it puts all my original gear back on except my Tabard of the Lightbringer and my Precious' Ribbon which both remain in my bags. This also happens whether I have transmog gear in my bag to equip or not. This is not a big issue but it's just slightly troublesome to have to re-equip each time.

    2. This one's a lot more important to me. Originally with your addon, it would only consider items that had blue text "You haven't collected this appearance" and not items that are the same models but a different item that you don't REALLY need unless you're an uber collector. Is there a way to make it an option? For people like me, if I already have a version of that model, I don't want to equip a potential 50,000g item. I would rather sell it on the AH!

    Thanks again!



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