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    Having a problem with setting up auction group.

    Ok, so i've just started using this addon and im trying to set up groups, but im having an issue.

    I have a "mail to" operation that has many draenor trade mats set for that group. Problem is when i try to set up an auction operation none these mats appear in the group list. i have to unlist them from my "mail to" operation in order to set them for the auction operation and vise-versa.

    What am i doing wrong here?

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    You're looking at it the wrong way round.

    Items can only exist in one group - however groups can have many operations assigned to it.

    So you want to create a group for your trade materials, and assign a Mailing Operation and an Auctioning Operation to it.

    I'd recommend reviewing the guides on the TSM site to get to grips with the basic principles of the addon:

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    Oh, i see. Yea there's alot to take in with the guides and i've been watching some video's. i think i missed that part. Thanks for clearing that up for me though.



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