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    Suggest and Vote for New Features here!

    The team behind TSM are always looking for a way to improve the addon and make it all that anyone would ever want it to be.

    This thread has been closed and a new one has been created for the release version of TSM: - Sapu

    Some examples to get your mouthes drooling and fingers clicking on the vote button

    • "When working with the Craft Management Window, an option to display a flat list sortable by profit for the active tradeskill. Opening up each category is tedious if you just want to identify the most profitable items to craft."

    • "When cancelling auctions, put the info for the lowest bid/buyout on the screen with the info about my post - then I can decide if I want to look and possibly buy out whoever has undercut me instead of cancelling."

    • "Add the capability for TradeskillMaster_Crafting to display crafted patterns that you DON'T KNOW, similar to what APM used to do. This will help you identify new patterns to purchase."

    • "In the mailer addon, add option to mail non soul bound green items to a enchanter to de."

    • "Include an estimated cost of materials for items in the craft queue with the estimated profit and number in queue. Starting goblins need this to pare down queued items when they don't have the resources to buy all necessary materials."

    • "The Alchemy crafting section needs to have the xmute recipe's available Ex. buying mats for xmute of truegold"

    And many many more!
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    TSM is clever enough to calculate the required materials for crafting, even to the point of suggesting ores to prospect for gems or herbs to mill for - even rare - inks, but it's not clever enough to process this material crafting on it's own. GnomeWorks does this effectively, so could TSM Crafting include this functionality? It is very bothersome to purchase the materials by TSM, craft the materials to the ingredients with GnomeWorks so that TSM understands it has everything and to finally craft the stuff with TSM (which then forgets it has crafted the stuff on the list and requires even more materials...).

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    Oh, I came up with one: How about having the Dealfinder to have different kind of shopping lists (like Auctionator) which you could run separately? Having the snatch lists in TSM would be a bliss.

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    Having a "grab all items from your bank" would be fantastic. Having to manually search for all of those odd enchanting mats is a pain.

    A feature similar to ATSW would be awesome!

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    I would like a way to post in multiple stack sizes. Eg Hypnotic dusts in stacks of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 would be brilliant. Right now it's something I do manually but I'd love for it to be automated. It'd rock for Mysterious Fortune Cards, Cosmic Essences, Inks etc

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    For the Dealfinder Module :

    Once you have added an item to the Dealfinder make it so you can change your prices on that item. For example I put in Heartblossom at 4g each, once I see I am getting a backlog of those herbs I want to lower my price to 3g each. Right now the only way I can seem to do this is by deleting the item from the Dealfinder, and than adding it back with my new price.

    Thanks for considering.
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    I'm not sure whether that fits here, but I noticed that TSM by default "skips" several items that one could craft categorically. For example, shirts (tailoring) seem to be excluded, but there's more (such as Mercurial Adamantite, if I recall it right).

    Also, it would be nice to have an option that lets TSM calculate the crafting cost of items that require crafted products themselved using the actual material, not the often overprized or otherwise invalid prices of the semi-manufactured product (Cloth -> Bolts -> Equipment would be an example for this).

    Edit: Perhaps an example will show what I mean with the second feature.
    Arcanite Bar is going for 50g on my server, therefore TSM calculates the crafting cost as 150g for Arcanite Rods. Since I do have a transmutation alchemist, I am able to get those bars for 4g (1g Thorium + 3g Arcane Crystal, not considering procs). So in order to get the correct crafting price, I'd have to edit the price manually and lock it. It would be more convenient to simply be able to choose between Arcanite Bar / 50g and "selfmade" transmute (4g) or something.
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    Unless I missed it, a way to disable an auctioning group without having to either delete it or remove all items, so it can be easily re-enabled later on; like, a check box.

    Edit: Found it, thank you Sapu!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fameseeker View Post
    Unless I missed it, a way to disable an auctioning group without having to either delete it or remove all items, so it can be easily re-enabled later on; like, a check box.
    As a workaround, could you not just lower the min post quantity down to 0? I'm not at my WoW computer, but I believe this will do what you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fameseeker View Post
    Unless I missed it, a way to disable an auctioning group without having to either delete it or remove all items, so it can be easily re-enabled later on; like, a check box.
    If you have the latest version of auctioning (and don't have advanced options hidden...if you do unhide them in the top options page of Auctioning's Options) then there's a checkbox for preventing a group from being posted / canceled.

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