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Thread: TSM and alts

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    TSM and alts

    Hello, i've been starting up with this addon and it's a whole lot to take in so before i take the dive i would like to know the following.
    I was wondering if the current method i am using with crafting and selling will be applicable using TSM.

    I use 3 chars to craft items and 3 different characters to sell the crafted items, mainly because I play with the 3 crafters and like to have alot of bagspace on them for obvious reasons plus i dont want whispers from buyers asking for lower prices, So i mail the crafts to the alts which are permantently near an auctioneer npc and mailbox to sell the stuff.

    I've started making a new profile and started on some groups but it seems the profiles won't load properly or i did not save them maybe but before i figure this out i want to know, is my current method of crafting and mailing to alts something that will work smoothly with TSM?

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    I use TSM on several crafting alts, and I have a few bank alts as well. It runs smoothly for me and is an invaluable asset to organizing my inventory and posting quickly. TSM also has options to mail items in a group to a particular alt, so you can move the crafted goods to your AH alts efficiently.

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    Thanks for the quick response

    Got my work cut out for me then i guess !



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