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    Pick up items (not materials) from storage to sell

    Hi, I have two scenarios:

    1. A certain item has been below my minimum price threshold for quite some time so I've stored the item in my bank to free some space. One day the price has gone up my min threshold and I should post it on AH.

    2. I want to always have max. 4 items of one sort in my bags and I store the rest of the items in my bank to free some space. I then sell the 4 items and should restock the item from my bank to my bags.

    These two scenarios result to one question. Can I set TSM up so that it notifies me when I should visit my bank to pull items to my bags? Does Gathering for example work for anything else but gathering materials for crafting?

    Another question is that if there aren't any certain crafted items on AH, is there an easy way to see which items in a group aren't on AH currently? I don't know if I can trust my crafting operation settings to pick up those items (so that they appear on the restock queue with 100% certainty).

    Edit: I just found TSM Warehousing, will check if that's what I need.

    Well. Don't know if there are some advanced techniques to this that I don't know how to use, but I suppose TSM Warehousing can't be used to get items from bank based on item profit / min buyout? I suppose it doesn't notify me to restock either, so I would need to remember to visit bank each time?
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