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    Mailing isn't sending all disenchantables to specified toon.

    I don't recall exactly how long this has been happening -- at least a week -- but Mailing is no longer sending all disenchantable gear to the toon it's supposed to (or any other toon I assign). I noticed it while buying low level greens from the AH to disenchant, however, I noted it didn't send a green that I got from a lockbox either.

    They do not already have mailing operations assigned to them. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but since I'm on my bank alt, I thought this might've been issue (turns out it's not): it doesn't matter if they are crafted or dropped greens; it's happening with both.

    I disabled all addons except TSM and TSM_Mailing and it still won't work. Let me know if there's any other info you need.

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    Items which are in groups won't be mailed as part of that feature. If you want to mail them, you should assign a mailing operation to the group.

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    Sorry for the delay, I was away and busy for the holidays, so I missed this response. Thanks!



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