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    Cancel auction oddity

    I'm not sure exactly when it started, but I'm seeing some weird behavior when I cancel auctions. I get a list of the auctions I have that I didn't use TSM to set up, and "the auction has been bid on" status. The weird part is that these items are not in any group with any operations.

    Consider my scribe, for example. I have just one group with operations called "glyphs" that contains (surprise!) all the glyphs my scribe can make. The other groups were auto-created from the "create profession group" button in the profession window. So altogether I have Professions/Inscription/Crafts (and Materials)/glyphs -- I've double checked, and only glyphs has operations for posting or crafting. But all those Darkmoon cards I made and posted manually (because I don't intend to keep stock, was just dumping extra ink) show up when I cancel auctions. Screen shot example: Also, note that none of those auctions actually have bids.

    So I have no idea why those are showing up in the cancel scan. Can someone explain what's going on here? The rest of the cancel scan worked properly, I'm just curious about this and if it's a glitch or something I'm doing wrong on my end.

    (side note: my enchanter saw something similar, the item listed as having a bid on it was rugged hide, which isn't in any groups on any of my characters whatsoever. It's not just a strangeness with profession groups)
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    How are you starting the scan?

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    Open auction window, switch to TSM Auctioning tab, press "Start Cancel Scan". Typically when I do the cancel scan, all groups are selected, though I've seen the behavior described above even if I just select the "glyphs" group.

    I didn't know there was any other way to scan.

    Again, just to emphasize -- the cancel scan works fine otherwise. All of my other auctions that are actually undercut are being listed properly, and I've run into no problems cancelling and reposting. It's just a minor strangeness when I start the cancel scan.



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