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    Crafting in relation to AH prices

    I can't seem to figure out how to set crafter to craft given item only if its AH minimum buyout is below certain value. I can do it with posting, but not with crafting. In previous version I was just setting fixed prices on materials, regardless of their real price in AH, but it was rather clunky solution.

    I want to do it with glyphs to be exact, let's say I'm buying inks for 10g each, and therefore want to craft glyphs only if price on AH is at least 30g+scrolls+profit. Right now, it takes mats price from AH scan and if inks on AH are cheaper than 10g, it would queue glyphs to be crafted even if their minimum buyout on AH is below 30g.

    Not sure if any additional information here would help?

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    If your cost for inks is always 10g, you should override the mat prices for the inks to be 10g.

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