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    Question One Item (Primal Diamond) Two ways to craft

    I'm currently trying to solve a problem with creating primal diamonds. I have 2 toons who can create them: Alchemy transmute and Jewelcrafting cut (with spirit of harmony).
    I have set up an operation to craft primal diamond in my alchemy group, and ignoring it on the other char, so my jewelcrafter not trys to create primal diamonds (I don't have the spirits for this craft, but material price of spirits set up for another toon). On the other way round I ignore the operation to cut gems on my alchemist, but I don't think this is necessary because raw primal diamonds are linked to the transmute operation.
    So now I hit the restock button on my alchemist and he queues primal diamond for my jewelcrafter, because the mats for the cut are cheaper than transmuting.
    Is there a way to ignore the jewelcrafters primal diamond cut?
    Perhaps someone can point me in the correct direction

    Thanks for your help and awesome addon

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    I worked this out this very morning. I cranked up the price of Spirits to be 300g. This made the Jewelcrafter's method to cost over 500g and the Alchemists to cost 250g. I found that TSM was still picking the JCs method until I checked off profit in the crafting operation and set to it 1g.

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    Hm, rising price of my spirits is not what I want to do, because I need a correct price for another toon :/
    I will try unsetting the profit option of my transmute, seems to be a workaround, but this means it also will never be queued when there is a profit?



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