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    Mail Disenchantables problem

    I have upgraded to 2.0 and I'm trying out the mailing module right now. Everything seems to be working fine but one thing, when I click the Send Disenchantable Greens to "Character" nothing at all happens. I don't get any error message and the greens are still in my bag.

    Is this a know bug or am I doing anything wrong? I have tried to remove the name of the enchanter and adding it again, tried reload ui, tried relogging and so on.

    Thanks for your help!

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    If the greens are in a group they wont be send.
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    Thanks mate, that was the problem. I hadn't put them in any group myself but I tried the premade profession groups that comes with 2.0 earlier and the greens was from the shuffle so it was put in the premade groups by TSM.
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