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    Sapy on US-Tichondrius(H)
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    The TSM Theme Repository

    As the title implies, this thread will seve as a place for people to share their TSM themes.

    Accessing TSM Appearance Options
    You can access the appearance options for TSM at the following location. Here, you can tweak your theme, restore the default theme, change to a preset theme, import somebody else's theme, or export your theme.
    1. Type '/tsm' or click on the mini-map icon to open the TSM window.
    2. Click on the "Status" icon.
    3. Click on the "Options" tab and scroll down to the "TSM Appearance Options" settings.

    Rules for Posting Your Theme
    This thread is for sharing your themes and discussing the themes shared by others. When sharing a theme, please include the following.
    • One or two screenshots of your theme. You can either embed the image in your post directly, or upload the screenshots to and provide links to them (prefered).
    • The exported code for your theme. Please put this within "CODE" tags. Otherwise, the forums will add random spaces within it which may cause issues when somebody tries to import it.

    Related Threads / Links
    Here are some past threads that have themes in them. Those who posted themes in those threads may feel free to re-post them in this thread.


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    I have been playing with the new TSM tonight and was very impressed - nice job! I customized the color to a nice blue, ie, Kat's Ballou, and am posting it to share:

    *edited to add additional screenshot
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