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    Collection of Useful Gold Making Threads

    This thread is a compilation of the best threads I've seen so far on the Consortium (if you think a post should be on here, feel free to reply here or PM me). These threads should answer most of the basic questions we see here on a daily basis and the previous compilation has taught me alot about goldmaking. You'll probably notice that alot of the threads are from WotLK and Cataclysm and that the items mentioned are much different than the items we craft now. Don't panic! The basic ideas in these posts all still apply today and with a little thinking on your side they still have amazing good use today. Credits go to @Reverb (add rep) for being the original poster of this list, I simply removed and added a few topics.

    UPDATE 6th of August 2013: I've tried to make it more clear which threads you should start at by rating each thread with a difficulty, 1 stars cover basics and other information for new players (*), 2 stars are medium level threads (**) and 3 star threads cover the more advanced topics (***). I've tried my best to give every thread a good rating, I'd really appreciate it if you give your feedback if you think a thread should get a different rating.


    Limited Supply Routes
    Semi-Automate Limited Supply Gathering (*)
    Dalaran Limited Supply Route (*)
    Outlands Limited Supply Route (*)
    Ironforge Limited Supply Route (*)
    Thunderbluff Limited Supply Route (*)
    Old Hillsbrad Vendor Items (*)
    Reselling Executioner (*)
    Reselling Recipe: Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin (*)

    Other Fund Raising Methods
    Mechanical Chicken Farming Guide (*)
    Creating and Selling Profession Kits (*)
    Selling Reputation Kits (*)
    Sulfuron Hammer Crafting (*)
    Dark Iron Ore Aquisition (*)
    Blasted Lands: flawless Draenethys Sphere Farming (*)
    Shadowmoon Valley Farming (*)
    Low Level Markets (*)

    Transmogrification Part I (**)
    Transmogrification Part 2 (**)

    Farming More Efficiently (*)
    Mining from Level 1 through 40 (*)
    Herbing from Level 1 through 40 (*)
    Bug with Nodes Appearing on Minimap (*)

    Holiday Events
    Children's Week (*)
    Feast of Winter Veil Part 1 (*)
    Feast of Winter Veil Part 2 (*)
    Hallow's End 1 (*)
    Hallow's End 2 (*)
    Hallow's End 3 (*)
    Lunar Festival (*)
    Pilgrim's Bounty (*)

    Profitably Leveling Professions
    Profitable Leveling Guide: Enchanting - 1 to 525 (*)
    Profitable Leveling Guide: Alchemy - 1 to 525 (*)
    Profitable Leveling Guide: Blacksmithing - 1 to 525 (*)
    Optimal Race, Class Combination for Professions (*)


    What should I craft (all professions)? (*)
    Profiting from Professions at Low Levels (*)
    Niche Markets (**)
    Crafting Bind on Equip Epic Gear (**)
    Diversify Trade Goods to Avoid Killing Markets (**)


    Selling Scrolls
    Selling Scrolls (*)
    Capitalizing on Initial Expansion Scroll Flooding (**)

    Material Aquisition
    Converting Between Essence Types (*)
    Gathering Enchanting Materials for all Content Eras (**)
    Gathering Enchant Materials with Leatherworking (**)
    Gathering Cata Materials with Tailoring (**)
    Disenchant Table Probabilities (**)
    Profit from WotLK Disenchanting (**)
    Estimating Enchanting Material Costs produced by JC Shuffles (**)
    Disenchanting Timbermaw Hold Rep Items (**)
    Qualitative Discussion on the Enchanting Profession (***)

    WANTED: Thread explaining basic markets
    Conversation on whether an Alchemist Should Keep Procs or Not (*)
    Thoughts on Flasks (**)
    Elixir of Major Strength (**)
    Living Steel Calculations (**)
    Specializing Multiple Alchemists (**)

    WANTED: General Glyping Guide
    WANTED: Inscription markets Guide
    Calculating Ink Costs (*)
    Mysterious Fortune Card Odds of Winning (**)
    Herbalism Vertical Monopoly (***)
    At What Point Does a Vertical Monopoly Fall Under Its Own Weight? (***)

    Darkmoon Faire Cards, Decks, Trinkets
    Are Darkmoon Cards Really Random? (*)
    Mists of Pandaria DMF trinkets (*)
    Alternative Guide to Making Gold with Darkmoon Cards (**)
    When to Sell Darkmoon Faire Cards (**)

    Mysterious Fortune Cards
    Barking (*)
    Pricing Mysterious Fortune Cards (**)

    Rituals of the New Moon (**)
    Crafting Dust of Disappearance (**)

    Milling Macros
    Milling Mindlessly (*)

    MoP Shuffle Flowchart (*)
    Current Ore Shuffling Spreadsheet (**)
    Saronite Shuffle (WotLK) (**)
    Perceived Ore Drought (**)
    Acquiring WotLK Gems (**)
    Additional Items to Craft besides Rare Gems (**)
    Implementing an Ore Vertical Monopoly (***)

    WANTED: Thread explaining basic market
    Tailoring Shirts (*)
    Expensive Bags (**)

    Making Gold with Blacksmithing in MoP (*)
    Blacksmithing Shuffle (**)

    WANTED: Thread explaining basic markets
    Herbalist Gloves (**)
    Deviate Scale Belt (**)

    Profitable Engineering Markets (*)
    Mote Extractor (**)
    Choppers (**)

    The Ironpaw Shuffle (**)
    You'll Feel Right As Rain Achievement (**)

    Acquiring Vial of the Sands (*)

    Smelting (**)
    Using Mining as a Crafting Profession (**)


    Item Flipping Snatch Lists
    Items Worth Having on a Snatch List (*)
    Auctionator Shopping List (*)
    The Undermine Journal Snatch List (*)

    Flipping markets
    Reselling 77-80 Cataclysm Gear (*)
    Reselling 80-85 Blues (**)
    Taking Advantage of Popular Profession Leveling Guides (**)
    Thoughts on Flipping Recipes in General (**)
    Cornering Markets in General (**)
    Selling Reputation Kits (**)
    Guide to Profiting From Pets (**)

    How To: Cross Faction Trading (**)
    Moving Gold from One Faction to Another (**)
    Cross-faction Recipe Flipping (**)
    Flipping WotLK Argent Tournament Pets (**)
    Monitor and Stop Competitors Cross-Faction Trading (***)
    Double Realm Transfers (***)


    General Gold Tips: A Retrospective (*)
    Getting good deals from trade (*)
    Dealing with an Automatically Triggered Ban Part 1
    Dealing With an Automatically Triggered Ban Part 2 (*)
    Monitor Competitor's Crafting
    Outsourcing in WoW (**)
    Profitting From Profession Bottlenecks (**)
    Auction House Ethics Part 1 (**)
    Auction House Ethics Part 2 (**)
    Profitting from Weekly Maintenance (**)
    Thoughts on how to Determine Most Profitable Gold Making Activity (**)
    Taking Into Account Item Suffix When Determining Price Points (**)
    Buying Guilds (**)
    Auction House Anonymity (**)
    Making gold from owning guilds (**)
    Short Sales
    Stockpiling in General
    Acquiring a Farmer using their Native Tongue (***)
    Befriending a Chinese Farmer (***)

    Dealing With Bots, Campers, Cartels, Vendettas, Market Crashes
    Heavy Undercuts: Flawed Thinking? (*)
    Reacting to Emotional Auction House Players Part 1 (**)
    Reacting to Emotional Auction House Players Part 2 (**)
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 1 (**)
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 2 (**)
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 3 (**)
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 4 (**)
    Stockpile Constantly (**)
    The Good Samaritan (**)
    Dealing With Bots (**)
    Thoughts on Cartels Part 1 (**)
    Thoughts on Cartels Part 2 (**)
    Aggressive Market Posting (***)

    Posting Strategy
    Posting from Bank Alts (*)
    Selling Different Stack Sizes 1 (*)
    Selling Different Stack Sizes 2 (*)
    Selling Different Stack Sizes 3 (*)
    Selling Uber Rare Items (**)
    Designing a Crafting Empire (**)
    When to Reset Markets Part 1 (**)
    When to Reset Markets Part 2 (**)
    Taking Advantage of Items with Low Deposits (**)
    Using Remote Desktop Connection to Post Auctions (**)
    The Reverse Wall (***)

    Reinvesting Income
    How Much to Invest? (*)
    Guide on Stockpiling (**)
    Stockpiling Before a Patch (**)
    Purchasing Items on the AH (**)
    Doing Original Gold Making Research (***)
    Combatting Inflation (***)
    Combatting Inflation using Pets (***)

    Awesome Addons and Tools

    Keeping WoW Settings in Sync Between Computers (**)

    Tradeskill Master
    See link below for more links
    Collection of Guides for Dual Account Setup, Initial Setup, Importing Accounting Data (*/**/***)

    The Undermine Journal
    WANTED: TUJ Guide
    The Undermine Journal (**)

    WANTED: WoWuction Guide
    Multi-server Bargain Hunter (**)

    Consortium Key Sender (Procesing and Posting Efficiently)
    Pilaski's Guide to Using Consortium Key Sender (*)
    Quick AutoHotKey Guide to Legitimate Background Processing, Posting (**)

    PhatLewt's Macro Guide (*)

    Other Auction Addons
    Mysales (*)
    Auctionator (*)
    Exporting MySales to Excel (**)
    Dumpster (**)
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    Thanks for keeping things up to date Mithrildar. +rep

    Everyone should remember that in gold making there aren't really any "secrets" of "ultimate methods" to make gold. Sure, you can refine the gold making process, stream line it, make it more efficient, outsource some of the work. But at the end of the day if you want to make a lot of consistent gold you need to diversify your gold making and be in as many profitable markets as you can possibly keep track of.

    Something like limited supply items from pre-bc and tbc vendors may seem useless. But you are buying them for 1-4g each and selling them frequently for 200-500g each. I make 5k-10k gold a week from limited supply items alone. 15 minutes every couple of days restocking, and then just reposting them whenever they expire. Very little work involved.
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    A very useful compilation, +rep well deserved!
    I fail to see the source of your certainty.

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    Slowly taking a look through everything now, trying to read it all. XD

    Thanks @Mithrildar, +rep. . . you're my first rep! :O
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    I've updated the thread to make it easier for new players to browse. I've rated each thread with a 3 star system, where 1 star threads are recommended for new goblins, 2 star threads are for goblins with some experience and 3 star threads are for experienced goblins looking for more advanced techniques. Please tell me if you don't agree with a rating for a specific thread.

    I've also slacked with adding new threads in the last month, so if I've missed one please tell me.

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    Mithrildar are all of this threads working for WoD ? or only for knowledge about goldmaking ? anyway thnx for your hard work man

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    I was wondering if all of these are updated for WoD and if not are there any plans to update for WoD or legion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinderoth View Post
    I was wondering if all of these are updated for WoD and if not are there any plans to update for WoD or legion?
    Keeping them 'up to date' would purely be up to the original poster, so you'd have to PM each and every one of them about that though at this stage I doubt that they will be as a lot of these post's are going on 5 years old since their last edit so there is no point.

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    Ahh fair enough. That would be a ton of work. Better off just being an Ethereal Contributor and getting that gold guide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinderoth View Post
    I was wondering if all of these are updated for WoD and if not are there any plans to update for WoD or legion?
    Fair question, and something we've discussed a lot on the Wind Trader boards. @Kakkarott makes a valid point, and while @Mithrildar tried to prune and organize the threads so that they'd be reasonably up-to-date, the reality is that once WoD hit, a lot of the core information in those threads changed. But not all of it. Sorting out which aspects of each thread are relevant versus which aspects are for historic interest only would be a pretty hellish task.

    It's possible that this whole link needs to be archived rather than stickied (much as I hate to do that with @Mithrildar's amazing work). I'll talk to @Sterling about it and take another peek at the threads.

    Your best bet, if you want purely up-to-date information, is to stay active on these boards and ask questions as they arise!



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