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    Possible money making opportunity- selling Brawler's Guild invitations.

    In 5.1, the Brawler's Guild is being implemented.

    There are only 2 ways, it seems, to get into the guild. One is to win a bid on an invitation from the BMAH.
    The second is by invitation from someone already in the Brawler's Guild.

    Early on, when this is fresh and new, it may be worth tossing some money at the BMHA invitation and then selling invites through trade chat.

    Here is some more info:

    After some ongoing discussion between the player base and Blizz, there has been more clarification on how invites will work.
    It seems like Blizzard is pretty set on keeping invites VERY limited.

    MMO-Champ tossed up some updated info, and one tidbit was specifically targeted at how invites will work.
    It seems like that just because one person wins one of the BMAH invites doesn't mean that they can just start inviting all their friends.
    According to this tidbit I posted below, you must reach a certain rank in the Brawler's Guild before you can invite people, and even then, you have to EARN invites. Overall, it seems very fated and limited, which may in turn encourage more people to actually sell their invites since they have to work for them, rather than just inviting the entire realm.

    About Those Invites
    Invites to the Guild will (at least initially) only be available for purchase on the Black Market Auction House. We’ve taken this approach both to control queue times, and also because the Brawler’s Guild is meant to be kind of a small, underground thing, and a way for players on a realm to come together. At first, that will happen because invites will go out from one player to another based on who buys those initial Black Market invites. After reaching a certain rank in the Brawler’s Guild, each of the new members can eventually earn one new invitation of their own to pass out to someone else on the same realm, so the Brawler’s Guilds on each realm should get progressively larger and larger over time. We may also investigate alternate methods of acquiring invitations or making them more plentiful.

    >>>After reaching a certain rank in the Brawler’s Guild, each of the new members can eventually earn one new invitation of their own to pass out to someone else on the same realm<<<

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    I thought about this, but pretty quickly decided it's unlikely you'll even make your investment back. Every person you invite can invite others and the profits would crash very very quickly.
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    The only way I can see this working is by setting up a raid group, saying you're selling brawlers guild invites for x amount of gold until a certain time, 50k for an invite to the raid group or w/e, then at that time just invite everyone in the group.

    Otherwise if you do it one at a time your customers are now your competition.

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    US - Sen'jin
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonathanCGS View Post
    The only way I can see this working is by setting up a raid group, saying you're selling brawlers guild invites for x amount of gold until a certain time, 50k for an invite to the raid group or w/e, then at that time just invite everyone in the group.

    Otherwise if you do it one at a time your customers are now your competition.
    It does seem like it would be a one shot deal, but given the right advertising, you could potentially walk away with a nice amount for your efforts.
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    US-Emerald Dream(Both)
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    Except - if somebody pays 50k to get INTO the guild, you can probably expect they'll want to try to recoup as much that back themselves, rather than tank the market.

    I'm sure some sort of royalty incentive would also be an avenue some people might be receptive to, also.
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    There is a key aspect to this that many do not know.

    Only one fight can go on at a time in the brawlers guild, per faction, per server.

    It is also not as "simple" as people are thinking. This thing has silly one-shot mechanics and enrage timers to keep such as Blood DKs just from death-striking through it to keep pushing people through the queue.

    I don't feel this will be too popular with this, nor lucrative. I also don't think the current way invites work will make it to live on those terms. If it does go through this way, I feel like a very interesting idea they've decided to go through with will go to complete waste. I was looking forward to it, as well :s
    Last edited by Acry; November 3rd, 2012 at 07:09 PM.
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    us - emerald dream (A&H)
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    I wonder what the price will be like on the BMAH.

    The twisted side of me wonders if you can buy out multiple listings, not invite anyone else, and keep it completely to yourself for a few days.

    Yeah, that is just wrong, but would be damn funny.

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    I'm not on the PTR, so I was wondering if any of you is and could clarify a few things. Here are some things I've heard:

    - you may not invite other players into the guild until you're level 8 (exalted with them, I guess?)
    - you may only invite one other person

    The reason I'm inclined to think the above are true is because they would effectively nix chain invites. Otherwise, you could just gather a bunch of people, start a collection, and chain invite each other. So this means that invites will be valuable for quite a while, especially since the fights are reported to get pretty hard around level 6 or so.

    Something else worth considering is how many invites will be up at once. People have been posting screenshots of pages of invites being up at once, but since it's the PTR, they could have a lot up just to ensure everyone gets access. Whether or not this will make it to live is anyone's guess.

    I guess there are several factors to consider:

    - how many invites will be up at once?

    - how often will the invites be reposted?

    - at what level do you gain invite privileges?

    - how competitive is your server? (there is a realm-first achievement)

    The last question has some interesting implications:

    - on competitive servers, invites will be more valuable at the beginning, but prices may drop a lot faster. Good players will probably burn through the ranks as fast as the queue allows them, and will be able to start inviting their buddies. On very casual servers, the BMAH may be the only source of invites for a while, if not many people can make it to the top.

    - also, on competitive servers there will be massive griefing at the BMAH. The douchebaggery that Vodka pulled with that mage is probably nothing compared to guilds doing it to each other and to any free agents. If there's only one invite up and you can snap it up, though, you could probably make a lot of money off them. I think this will work until server first is achieved. After that, I don't think many people will be fighting over invites. If it's true that you can stack dazes on the combatants, I must admit that spectating will probably be more entertaining than actually playing at first.

    This whole Brawler's Guild sounded like a cool idea first, but the implementation sounds so bad, it's surreal. Because of that, I expect a lot of things to change before the patch hits live, or they'll be unleashing some epic douchebaggery.

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    According to different blogs

    Around 10 people each day will be able to get invitation through BMAH.

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    I like the look of that. 10k for an invite sounds fine by me and will be chicken feed for any real goblin out there.

    Very much looking forward to this release.


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