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    I hit the old cap today, feels pretty awsome. Considering I went into cata with practicaly nothing, although after some herb farming I hit 25k the first week.
    Doing some ügbreh archaeology farming for the mount cost me some time, but the mount have net me about 150k so far.
    Not sure what I am to do next :S
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    Humbly joining the six-figure club

    Broke the 100k mark this weekend. Things were slow with all the undercutting during the prior week, but Friday night's sales finally pushed things over the edge.

    I started Cataclysm with about 20k across all the alts, and gave myself about 2k starting capital (I am pretty risk averse on top of being a total AH greenhorn at the time) to play with. To be perfectly honest, I had hoped to hit six-figures by the END of Cataclysm; didn't set the bars too high since, well, I really didn't know what I was doing when I started. Like others before me, I also want to thank all the gold/AH goblin bloggers and this website for all the valuable market information and lessons; couldn't have done it w/o you guys' help.

    Next goal: Old gold cap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anaalius View Post
    Just reached 700k for the first time, Feels pretty good

    I got complacent but dropping down to 16k made me get my act together again. now on to 800k
    Grats Anaalius. I second Mornia, absolutely love your blog and it's actually what got me into the gold making game. I found it via a mmo champ thread and from your site i discovered JM2C and these forums so i owe you a HUGE thank you =)
    85 Paladin Enchanting/Jewelcrafting - 85 Hunter Herbalism/Mining - 83 Shaman Inscription/Alchemy - 75 Deathknight Tailoring/Jewelcrafting - 10/25 = 2k Gold, 1/23 = 100k Gold, 3/6 230k - Thank you Consortium forums!

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    the milesstones are fun to hit no matter how big. hitting a milestone of 10k for the first time is just as fun as 100k.

    Vanilla - i had epic riding on at least one toon. dont recall massive gold reserves. disenchanting kept me liquid though. i remember considering a guildy foolish for farming stockades constantly on his 60 and vendoring everything. until he had me help him transfer a BoE epic from the opposite faction that cost him some unheard of ammount (like 400g!!!)

    BC - a fresh start on a new realm. but the knowledge never leaves you. mining + disenchanting got my first epic flying mount. JC + disenchanting the second. my 3rd 70 was able to afford it as soon as i hit 70. my first major error cost me 5k gold invested into Khorium and Eternium Ore predicting epic gems to be prospectable. i fluctuated around 10k reserves until Wrath.

    Wrath - early on i found the Cobalt -> Breatsplate -> infinite dust extremely profitable. made 30k in one week from it buying cobalt at 40g a stack. i missed propecting from Titianium because i had been burned in BC. found inscription after the initial goldrush. was fairly lazy with it. just hovered around 30k constantly. making 5k a week when needed. started up a mirror operation on the opposite faction. easily made 2k per faction and could ramp up cashflow when needed. decided to hit goldcap and did so with about 8k a week from inscription. slowed down a lot after that. just hovered around 230k. just before Cata decided to aim for 500k by the expansion. started Glyphmas with about 20-30 of each glyph. made me about 150k - 200k. was around 390k at launch without much stockpiled except for my own personal supplies (2x 4 tab guild vaults)

    Cata - power leveled Eng before AH prices of materials started to rise. Actually sold a couple of items that brought me close to break even. power leveled LW, Tailor, Scribe, JC, BS, Alch x2, Enchant x2 as AH prices were coming back down. DEed a lot of items. sold a few. banked a lot of enchant scrolls and bought others from levelers. breakeven might be possible. DMF trinkets saved the day. crafted a heap in the last few days the faire was in town. waited for others to sell their stock in the first week after the faire. sold mine in this last week gone. took me from 350k to 650k. already have 100k of herbs bought for next faire. listing them at 300% price for a week or two. actually selling some and buying cheap herbs with the revenue. its kind of a self funding market buyout.

    tl/dr just blasted through my 500k milestone. 1 mil here i come
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    Just hit 300k liquid last night (I think for the second time).

    Hard to remember as the last time I was close I made some large investments which I am still sitting on. Mounts/Pets plus getting realm first Blacksmithing pulled me back a bit but now I am back at it. My guild reaches the bonus skillups for professions this week and I will be getting the rest of my professions on all my alts up to more profitable levels to start touching even more markets.
    Experience for mining/herbing - Making farming tolerable and leveling painful.
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    Attention Attention, big wall of text ahead!

    Oh my! Milestones, well as you surely has deduct by now this game is played/lived by milestones/goals or at least if you want to feel the thrill out of it.

    Back in the old days of Vanilla (i was here since first week of the game) when there wasn't this whole achievement system you put your own achievements/goals.

    Some that comes to my mind now:

    * How many of you remember how hard was to get that very first shiny coin of gold?
    * How about your first tabard?
    * And to get to form a guild and the expensive fee of 10g it took?
    * To get the exorbitant 90g to get your first slow mount?
    * And the insanely 900g for an epic one?

    During all this time i was a broke character all along, damn i was not even able to get a single character to lvl 60 (i reach there not until LK was out).

    And as the pattern here implies, it was a goal the one that makes me jump on the AH wagon and stop being poor, the 5k gold fee for the epic flight mount.

    From the very start i was very attracted to the whole AH buying/reselling market but back then i was doing it all wrong, the focus was on getting the best gear that my limited funds allow me to buy. Or trying to sell a drop that i get hoping to get the most gold i could to survive.

    I still remember selling a Necromancer Leggings at 8g and i was so excited! turns out that i could get around 50g from it and after finding out i slaped myself.

    Enters the gold blogging community!

    As i mentioned before, the goal that starts all was the 5k gold fee for an epic flight mount, but i didn't have the slight less idea how on earth i was going to get all that money (i had like 1k from questing and selling stuff on my main).

    So i start goggling out and bump with the JMTC forum/blog and then it all went downhill from there, as a matter of fact i got pass the 5k gold for the epic mount and never buy it, i just keep grinding the AH!

    Knowledge is power!

    I reached the original gold cap back in August 2010 i think, and i go down to 100k liquid after stockpiling for cataclysm (i end up with a thousand stacks of saronite ore just to give you an idea). Not all of that stockpiling turns out successfully (razzashi raptors anyone?) but it was a great learning experience.

    And with all this knowledge comes new problems. lack of bag space, micromanagement, to have your hands on so many markets that it took you an eternity to figure it our what to do next.

    Although I'm not even close to get to the new 1mill gold cap soon, I got the hold of the AH game now and i could get back from spending almost all my gold (it happens at the second week of Cata) to 40, 50k liquid gold next week.

    Sorry for the rambling, I'm out.
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    Ahhh - memories. You're right in that the more you get into it, the more the complexity increases in so many different ways. Different markets to monitor and properly understand, crafting and all its intricacies, inventory management etc. In the past I've been asked why I bother with all of this, but to me it's the most involved and fulfilling area of the game. I'd say that I'm quite knowledgeable (although there are some here that know a lot more than me) but I've so much still to learn and that's great! The day I know everything is the day I stop playing.
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    I'm way behind the most of this lot, but I crossed the 100k line over the weekend. 121 312g on my Ally toons this morning, after I had purchased some 50 stacks of Obsidium Ore for shuffle. Very pleased with my progress, 50k profit over the last three weeks.

    Old cap, here we come!

    EDIT. It's been 50k per two weeks... miscalculated the thing...
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    Reached my milestone a week or 2 ago and wanted to share to give ppl some inspiration.
    First goldcap was in the early wotlk and was at 600k when Cata hit. After that its been pretty easy tbh.
    And wanted to thank everyone here for thier idea's and input even tho im not a longterm member (found it just 1 month before cata hit) i found alot in here very intresting.
    Will try and be more active and share my thoughts more. Happy gold hunting everyone and stick to ur goals.

    Edit. Not sure if im doing this right as its hard to see the picture.
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    Gee! Congrats!



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