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    Howdy~ I go by Boomky. Gorgonnash-US Tauren druid. Hoping to learn a lot from gold capped players here =)

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    Welcome Boomky
    I used to run a blog called Just Another Goblin

    I quit for 7 months, now I'm back. Hi...

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    Hey Guys!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Wes. I run Pretty much my musings of trying to hit the gold cap before the release of Cataclysm. I'm a Gold Blogger and avid Gold Maker. Was sent over this way by Cold, so I just wanted to introduce myself.

    I'm a 22 yea old professional. Just graduated with my Bachelor's degree Radio and Television Broadcasting back in May, and I'm currently living the grown up dream with my fiancee. Outside of WoW, Paintball is my biggest hobby and money pit


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    G'Day Everyone,

    I'm MoneyBox, a casual WoW player and enjoy making gold! My playtime is limited, so I spend most of it right next to the AH! I started making gold a few months ago and have been addicted since!


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    Hi guys!

    Balistik from bladefist here, very excited to take part in the community. I sent my application a few days ago and just got confirmed as a wind trader! See you all around!

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    Hey everyone, im Troejg and i'm looking forward to meet the entire forum
    I'm a little boy settled in denmark and I just began my first year at a technical school.
    I started playing real wow at the launch of wotlk, i dinged level 70 on my rogue the day before wotlk was released :P
    As for moneymaking i've always been a greedy bastard, though i didn't start making serious gold untill a few months ago. Besides my addiction to gold i also have a very big passion for the PvE aspect of the game.

    I hope to participate in some hot discussions on this forum
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    Hey, my name is Jondare of Earthen Ring EU, where I work the Gem, Enchanting, Alchemy (mostly transmuted stuff), Inscription markets, as well as flip vendor items and low lvl epics.

    Anyway, hope to get some good discussions around here, and get some new ways to reap some gold!

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    Hey all, I am Incorporated(not literally, of course, or am I...). I play on Rexxar US, on both sides of the fence. I play around with a lot of different markets, including flipping when the opportunity presents itself. I look forward to learning all that I can here, and hope to one day rep the Rexxar as a Wind Trader!!

    I have the following profs:


    And a couple more not worth mentioning yet, too low of a level!

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    Hi all, just heard about this forum on Cold's gold factory website, I have two bankers on Steamwheedle Cartel EU, horde only atm. I have maxed all professions except leatherworking/skinning (hope to hit 450 before Cata). I'm sitting at 85k gold atm so my next target is 100k which I hope to hit before the expac. My other target is join the exalted ranks of Wind Raiders

    Looking forward to sharing info on the run up to Catalclysm.

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    Hello everyone, I am Anaalius. you may have seen be around the blogsphere and other wowforums. I am the author of Anaalius's hunt for gold.

    I have seen this forum advertised on a few of the gold blogs and decided to come check it out. Hope to meet nice people, and learn and share knowledge.

    xoxo anaalius