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    Hello all.

    Tauren / Male / Shaman / Restoration / Leatherworker / Draenor (US)

    Human / Male / Apprentice Scientist / Boston (MA, US)

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    Salutations Consortium. My name is Pennyworth and I hail from the US-Thrall server.

    I did pretty well in the AH game, and decided to take a break with the "srs bsns" trading. Of course, I am still doing a bit here and there and trying to keep up with the various happenings.

    Site looks great, best of luck!

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    My character name is Allaphon and I play a Orc Warlock on Mal'Ganis US. I have been interested in making WoW gold since TBC and have accumulated a fair amount with having 3 other max level profession characters. I am interested in sharing ideas with others and looking forward for the chance to become a wind trader.

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    Hey all. My name is LFD. I have 2 level 80 toons on the Nazgrel(H) server and a 3 alts that are 74, 32, and 30. I have been playing since right before Wrath dropped. Both my 80's are Icc 25 geared. I have been playing around in the AH since I started the game but didn't get really involved until my friend that pretty much ran our servers economy left. I have filled her spot in the Flask and Herb market and hope to take over the BS market soon. IRL I am a full time Firefighter/EMT and have been for 4 years. I play a lot while at work to due the fact that we are a relatively slow department. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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    Hey guys.

    You can all call me Val if it suits you, it's what most people choose.

    I hail from the Wyrmrest Accord server, US. It's a humble little RP server, with its own very populace (as well as economy).

    I have three characters at level cap, and so many more around 70-75. And even more lower than that. I used to be a severe altaholic, and even today I feel the impact.

    I used to be an avid auction house player, and while I took a big long break from my shenanigans, I'm getting back into it, ready for Cataclysm and the vast opportunities to be had. I believe I've learned quite a lot about the workings of the AH, and hope that I have some knowledge that I can impart.

    Outside of WoW, I'm your average nerdy, teenage guy. I live up in Canada, currently working on my last year of high school before I head off to university. I enjoy computer programming of different varieties, anything to do with living an eco-friendly lifestyle, reading, writing, playing various instruments... you know, the kind of thing a nerd would do.

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    Hey everyone,

    Saw this forum starting up over on as well and wanted to get in on gold making action using legitimate means and tools as well as ideas from like minded people. Currently I have 2 lvl 80 tions on the azuremyst server in the US and a few 70s as well to round out my professions. Also have an 80 on the alliance side, same server that I use to get as much from the off balance economy as possible. I tend to work the enchanting circle and herb farm for mats for my inscriptions which feeds back to my enchanter in the form of weapon and armor vellums.

    In the real world I'm a 41 yr old father of 3 who has been a geek/nerd long before it was trendy. I'm a registered nurse and have worked in critical care field for over 15 years. Warcraft is the fun escape from the sometimes harsh day to day reality that few people have to deal with. I've played since just after the Lich King was released. Recently I've gotten my son to play with me and between his DK tank and my healadin we have an open door to RDF. And while my boy is great at th button mashing he is horrible at making and holding onto any kind of currency, hence my interest in gold making. I have to earn it for two accounts... That being said I don't want the gold making to be so intensive that it takes away from the game being fun, so hopefully these forums will help.

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    Hey guys.
    My name is Saint, a human "AHadin' from Ragnaros (EU). My english is not the best, building my sentences from an online dictionary so excure me if i make clerical errors.
    I play this fantastic game since vanilla, im a raidaholic and altaholic too. Since i getting bored, i decided to learn an another part of the game called Auction House. I managed to reach my first gold cap with 2 months agressive AHing. And... you know if you have shinies, always want more and more
    Well, bookmarked this site and i'll try to give some tips to the community.

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    Hello All

    Name: Rob
    NickName: hogo
    Server: ER-Draenor
    Main: Dwarf Paladin

    I enjoy socialising with the guild I am in, I enjoy raiding casually from time to time and am currently trying to become gold capped.
    Great to be here during the start of this forum, I would hopefully like to help make this place a great community
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    The Adventure starts here:
    This is my hopefully up and coming Blog for all my World of Warcraft adventures.

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    I'm sure I posted here but it never showed up.

    I'm Sykez and I found my way to this interesting and promising community through Moravec's blog. I myself run a blog - Just Another Goblin.

    Minor Formalities, my real name is Jamie, I'm 19 and I'm from England. I'll be willing to help anyone out who needs any help and hope to become active in this community whenever possible.

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    Cold here of Cold's Gold Factory. Stop by and check out my site. got a good reader base already, but I would like more discussion in the comments section. See a couple of friendly faces here already. Hello Sykez & Hi Moravec! Thanks for the referral. I actually found this site just before your post went live as I was looking through my referral links on google analytics. then I found the post you put up linking to the gold blogs. Thanks again!

    Lovin the communtiy aspect of this site so far. Excellent Idea, esp with Wind Traders Exclusive Group. Hope I get approved. Back to me:

    36 yo male (yup today is my Birthday too on 911), from St. Louis, MO. Been a gamer since I was old enough to hold an Atari Joystick or Commedore 64 Pad. WoWin' since Early Vanilla, Gold Blogging for almost a year. I play on the lowly Eitrigg Server -US. Anyone looking to transfer come help us Horde out please, lol.