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    Quote Originally Posted by jeninthemorning View Post
    - 2g (the mind boggles!)
    One of the 3 or 4 engineering recipes I'm missing...

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    Haven't seen this in a while.
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    It's been a good Tuesday morning!

    25g sometime last week
    2g On a friends server showing him how to use The Undermine Journal and Auctionator (for simplicity)
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  5. #5465 bought one for 17k ... seems like a good deal :P
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    500g ---> 7,500g within the day.

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    Hello Guys,

    I think I have picked up a bargin for 500g any idea of resale value?


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    for 4.5g
    for 6.9g

    About a month ago, I snagged a for 9.99g as well

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    Not sure how common these two are, but since they are battle pets now I hope the value goes up later in 2013.
    Tiny Snowman
    got two: 2s 30c and 2s 40c

    Father Winters Helper
    got two: 7s 60c and 2s 40c

    These were going for about 100g+ on my server:
    Winter Boots
    1s 20c

    and a bunch of pets:
    Black Kingsnake
    2s 30c - buy from vendor 50s

    Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
    2s 20c - buy from vendor 50s

    White Tickbird Hatchling
    1s 20c - buy from vendor 3g.

    Red Moth
    2s 30c - buy from vendor 10g

    Ghostly Skull
    2s 50c - buy from vendor 40g

    Obsidian Hatchling
    2s 40c - buy from vendor 50g

    Not the biggest haul in gold, but the percentages

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    I have a handful of and in my bank but can't seem to find anybody willing to bite on them at 10K. Anybody having luck with these?



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