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    Snazzy Bank Toon Idea: Ghost Pirate Gnome!

    Hi guys! I know that many of us like to dress up our bank toons in unique looking outfits. So far my female Nelf warrior had been rocking a Black Embersilk Gown, a Noble's Monocle, and a Diamond-Tipped Cane.

    But then, while herbing, I found Burgy Blackheart. He drops a BoP hat with no armor type or level requirement (Anyone can wear it, basically!) which, when donned, will turn any character into a translucent male gnome pirate.

    So basically after camping a few on other characters I camped it one last time, invited my bank toon on my second account to party, used the guild summon Have Group Will Travel, killed it with my main, and had a shiny hat on my bank toon!

    I imagine that since it's BoP it has little value to some people and you can likely find someone in a guild high enough to get this perk to summon you for some gold if you don't have the two accounts to do it yourself. =]

    Just thought I'd share: A level 6 wearing an awesome hat from a Vashjir Rare = awesome in my book! I imagine on a Horde toon it would be even cooler as gnomes probably aren't as common in your AHs!

    I've noticed roughly a 6-8 hour respawn. He spawns in this ship, at this location on the map:

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    Brilliant idea. Thanks for the tip.

    And now all of a sudden Vashj'ir will be filled with bank toons... haha.

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    Best. Idea. Ever.

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    Did this a few weeks ago At the time we didn't have the guild perk, so a guildie with a rocket dropped me off at the spot, and I camped him a ghost.

    Also worth considering:
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    Holy crap, this is awesome. I love funny things like this. I'm going right now to see if I can get it for my main. My true bank alt is in UC, and there's never enough people there to appreciate this.

    Too bad it's not BoE... I'd imagine it'd sell for quite a bit.

    Also, that is equally awesome. Probably going to get one for my main for fun, and one for my rogue for arenas. 10k well spent, imo! Thanks for the awesome tips, guys.

    Edit: Just got . Fun fact: if you're on a mount, it makes the mount look ghostly and translucent. Doesn't seem to work for the Sandstone Drake though. Also, if you turn the "Display Helm" feature off, you won't see the hat on the Gnome transformation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Also, that is equally awesome. Probably going to get one for my main for fun, and one for my rogue for arenas. 10k well spent, imo! Thanks for the awesome tips, guys.
    Trust blizzard to nerf the arena bug very soon. They dont want us to have fun in arenas, sadly. : /
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    Awesome call. Camped it for about an hour yesterday til he spawned. The AH alt I was using was 85 so it was super easy. Great for the unique look while camping!



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