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    2 Questions: a) inventory tracking b) state of this forum

    Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible with TSM to:
    a) - create a summary of all my items over different realms and chars (guilds and bank tabs included)
    - create a gold sum (by TUJ mean values) of all the listed items.
    --> so I actually want a result like:
    Account x:
    Item a x 24 = 1.000.000 gold
    Item b x 9 = 3.000.000 gold
    worth of inventory account x = 4 m gold

    b) is the forum dead or has it moved, do I need to upgrade?

    Sincerely, Kampschamane

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    I don't think so

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    As for (b), this forum isn't going through it's most active time, no. Sterling, the owner and admin, has recently spawned a baby and has not had enough time.
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