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    Hello all. It's been a very long time since I rattled round these parts. I have no interest in the transmog market or endless TSM discussions so after a while my interest rather waned. But now that Classic is in the works I am rejunvenated and excited about WoW again and about the of starting completely from scratch. I am dusting off spreadsheets and quest guides and recipe lists from aeons ago.

    I am relishing the thought of getting in at the ground floor and carving out an empire. Who else is? How many of you goblins are going to cross the breach?

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    Definitely beyond excited for this! I started in TBC and became a gold goblin in MoP (still a newbie at it but it's exciting!), but heard many tales of how difficult the gold grind was in Vanilla. Can't wait to try goldmaking on hardcore difficulty!

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    I will be returning for this aswell.

    There should be a sub-section in this forum for vanilla!



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